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We are Agency, We Create Solutions

We are Host54 a web design agency based out of Sunshine Coast Queensland, but working with clients all over Australia. We design and build professional websites for businesses and individuals as well as helping them increase their presence through SEO, digital marketing, and more.

Our Start

Host54 was created by two brothers, Bernie & Fred in 2006. Bernie had been working as a web designer with a large publishing company in Melbourne while Fred had been maintaining and repairing computer equipment.

Our Path

After leaving those respective career paths, a friend asked if we would make a website for his business. We said yes. A friend of this friend saw that website and asked us to make a website for her. We said yes. What started as a favor for a friend has grown into a long-lasting and successful web design company that we're both extremely proud of.

Why Us?

Bernie is our designer, in charge of all things creative and beautiful. He has the vision and skills it takes to create custom masterpieces for every project. Fred is our resident technical expert, with the skills to make every website function as it should.

Great Solution for Business

Globally evolve integrated processes and backend communities. Compellingly cultivate business imperatives before productize one-to-one total linkage.


Internet marketing comes in many forms and you can venture into some or all of them, but without any, there's a strong possibility that your site won't get found. Most people want to start with SEO, which is a great idea


Of course, content is king and one of the best ways to draw new traffic to your site is through fresh, quality content published on a consistent basis. This is usually through a blog. Not sure what you'd write about? Trust me, you have knowledge in your head you can share that people would want to read.


Your website is often the first introduction a potential customer has with your service, products, or business - and only one reason why it's so important to pay attention to website copywriting for your content.

Website Maintenance

Long gone are the days of "Set it and Forget it." The Internet is no longer a static place. Having a website means maintenance. At the very least, you'll need to be sure your site is secure, is being backed up, and your software is up to date.

Businesses who we deal with

Rapidiously morph transparent internal or "organic" sources whereas resource sucking e-business. Conveniently innovate compelling internal.

Our team members

We have a small proficient team of diligent designers and programmers who mix their skills/technical knowledge and implement them as per customer’s requirement.

Team Members
Edna Mason
Senior Designer
Team Members
Edna Mason
Senior Designer
Team Members
Edna Mason
Senior Designer

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